This coming academic year, the BSD will be piloting a new Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assistantship (DA) program. Our current teaching assistantship program, together with the new DA-ship program, is becoming part of a broader Professionalization Requirement for BSD students. The goal of the DA-ship program is to recognize the value of efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion on campus and in STEM more broadly. The program also emphasizes the necessity of professional preparation for PhDs in this increasingly important domain.

The BSD continues to require that all students serve as a TA to at least one course, and expects that most students will continue to complete their professionalization requirement by serving as a TA for a second time. However, a mentored and evaluated DA-ship can replace one TA-ship for those who have not yet completed their divisional requirements.

To find out more about the new DA-ship program, please visit the Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs website.

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